An individual under the age of 18 or an individual under the age of 25 and studying toward a degree or diploma, including post graduate studies. A person over the age of 25 and studying does not qualify as a student.

Commencement Date

The starting date of the membership term as stipulated by the client on the registration form. The commencement date of a membership renewal will be the very next day following the expiry of the previous membership term or any other date stipulated.

Deferral date

The first of the month following the written request to defer a membership.



Please read the following terms and conditions as these terms of use ("Terms") constitute a legally binding agreement between you strikand FitFirst Training regarding the services provided by FitFirst Training which include but are not limited to fitness classes.


You also represent that you are an individual and not a corporation.


FitFirst Training reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms at any time by posting the amended Terms to our website and informing the member via email of the amendments. Please check these Terms periodically for changes. Your continued use of our facilities constitutes your binding acceptance of such changes.



  1. A membership is calculated on a basis of consecutive calendar months as per the membership term.

  2. A membership will continue for the fixed membership term from the commencement date of the membership, and continue on a month to month basis upon expiry of the membership term unless:

    1. 1 months’ notice is given via email to info@fftraining.co.za to cancel the membership upon termination of the membership term; or

    2. The membership has been renewed for a fixed term.

  3. A fixed membership will not be subject to price increases implemented during the fixed membership term. The applicable rates at the time of registration or renewal for a fixed term will apply for the duration of the membership term.

  4. Unless instruction to cancel the membership term is received at least 1 month before the membership term expires, the membership will automatically continue on a month-to-month basis at the then prevailing membership rates, until such time as FitFirst receives 1 months’ written notice to cancel the membership.

  5. Requests to cancel a membership must be sent via email to info@fftraining.co.za. Requests communicated via telephone, WhatsApp, or any methods other than email, will not be accepted. 

  6. A membership cannot be suspended or deferred during its course under any circumstances whatsoever, other than circumstances included in the points below.

  7. A portion of client’s membership may only be deferred if such a request is given PRIOR TO COMMENCEMENT OF THE MEMBERSHIP TERM. No deferral will be granted if such a request is made after the commencement date of the membership.

  8. A portion of a client’s membership may be deferred in the event of pregnancy during their membership if the client is advised by their gynaecologist  that they should not exercise, until such time that the client can train again, as advised by the gynaecologist .

  9. Billing will continue as per the membership term when a membership has been deferred as described above, however, the remaining months after the deferral date of the membership will be carried forward until the client returns. It is the responsibility of the client to request that their membership be deferred via email to info@fftraining.co.za (supported by a letter from the gynaecologist  if the deferral is pregnancy related). Requests to defer a membership (or part thereof) communicated via telephone, or any methods other than email, will not be accepted.  The membership will be deferred from the first of the month following the request to defer the membership. A request to defer a membership may not be backdated under any circumstances.

  10. A membership may not be ceded to or taken over by another member/prospective member under any circumstances whatsoever.

  11. In the event that a client wishes to terminate their membership prematurely, one months’ notice is required. The cancellation penalty for early termination of a membership is calculated as 60% of the remaining membership fees. This will be due and payable on the first of the month following the cancellation notice. The membership will effectively be cancelled on the last day of the month following the cancellation notice and the client will not be permitted to attend classes from this date.

  12. No refunds will be offered to clients for memberships paid upfront in full (in cash/EFT/ or any other upfront payment method) under any circumstances whatsoever.

  13. All clients qualify for unlimited classes during their membership.

  14. Students and pensioners qualify for discounted rates. Proof of enrolment at a tertiary institution, or pensioner identification, is respectively required.

  15. By registering (online or in studio) as well as booking and/or attending classes at FITFIRST, the client accepts these terms and conditions.

  16. By renewing a membership for a fixed membership term, via email, WhatsApp or any other communication platform, the client automatically accepts the terms and conditions for the renewed membership term and agrees to honor all responsibilities.



  1. No children are permitted inside the studio. With the exception of babies, in a pram or car seat are allowed inside the studio while their parent trains, provided that other attending clients and/or trainers are not inconvenienced by this.

  2. In the event that other attending clients and/or trainers are inconvenienced by the baby in the studio, for whatever reason, the parent will be requested to leave the class with their baby.

  3. Children 13 years and older may join FitFirst as members (in Original and Combo studios only) and will be charged the applicable student rates.


  1. Fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable.

  2. Fees are payable monthly via debit order or in full upfront via EFT/cash/zapper/snapscan/card machine.

  3. In the event that the debit order is unsuccessful, a nonrefundable administration fee of R80 will be added to the client’s debit order the following month.

  4. Standard memberships paid in full/upfront receive 10% discount. Discounted offers and/or specials do not automatically qualify for this discount. 

  5. Monthly and/or scheduled EFT payments are not accepted under any circumstances.

  6. Fees are payable in advance for each calendar month via Debit Order on the first day (“payment day”) of each and every month for the membership term. In the event that the payment day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or recognised South African public holiday, the payment day will automatically be the very next ordinary business day.

  7. Fees will be pro-rata after the 10th of the month for all new joiners. New members joining on or before the 10th of the month will pay the full monthly fee applicable to the membership selected.

  8. When a client registers on or after the 11th of the month, the membership term will commence from the first of the following month for the applicable membership term.

  9. All new clients pay a once off registration fee. This fee will not be payable again if the client wishes to renew their membership within 1 year after the expiration/termination date of the client’s previous membership term. If the client re-registers with FitFirst Training after a year since their membership expired, the once off registration will be payable again.

E.g. if a client’s membership expires/terminates at the end of March, and the client chooses to renew their membership in September, no registration fee is payable again. However, if the client renews in June of the following year, the registration fee will be payable again.



  1. Attending a class is subject to a successful online booking.

  2. Clients may NOT attend a class without booking the class online.

  3. In the event that a client does not attend a booked class and does not cancel the booking within the accepted cancellation window period, the client will earn a strike.

  4. Once 3 strikes have been earned within a 6 month time period, the client will be blocked from booking and attending classes. A penalty of R100 will be payable to reactivate the client’s booking profile. Strikes will be cleared every 6 months.


Indemnity and Liability Release

This release is entered into between the individual registering for FITFIRST and FITFIRST Training (Pty) Ltd, its members, employees, officers, affiliates, trainers and executives.


I am the individual registering for this programme and hereby agree to the following:

  1. I understand that the purpose of FITFIRST is to provide fitness instruction and coaching for various levels of individuals as described on the FITFIRST website.

  2. I hereby affirm that, subject to the medical details supplied by me via the online PAR Q assessment, I am in good health and I warrant the accuracy of all information supplied by me when registering. I believe that I am capable of participating in the fitness activities provided by FITFIRST and I undertake, if at any time they appear too difficult or strenuous for me or likely to impair my health in any way, to inform the fitness instructor immediately and not to continue any fitness activity which I feel endangers me or my health in any way.

  3. I acknowledge that trainers of FITFIRST are not physicians and are not trained in any way to provide medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or any other type of medical advice. Furthermore I am aware that it is always advisable to consult a physician before embarking on any new health/fitness/nutrition programme. In the event of my suffering any medical or health difficulty whilst training, and particularly where I may lose consciousness or be unable to deal with matters myself, I hereby authorise FITFIRST to contact a physician and to take me to such physician and/or any appropriate medical clinic or other hospital and to use the services of an ambulance where appropriate and I undertake liability for all costs thereby incurred.

  4. I hereby affirm that if I answered YES to any questions listed under History, Symptoms or Other health issues in the online Par Q assessment that I have consulted the appropriate physician or health care provider prior to engaging or continuing training at FITFIRST. I further acknowledge that if I answered YES to 2 or more questions listed under Cardiovascular Risk Factors in the online Par Q assessment that I have consulted the appropriate physician or health care provider prior to engaging or continuing training at FITFIRST.

  5. I acknowledge that the purpose of these classes is to elevate my physical state and fitness but that FITFIRST does not guarantee that good or bad results will occur nor guarantees the training advice given by FITFIRST trainers will produce good or bad results.

  6. I acknowledge that I am aware that if I feel tired, pain or out of the ordinary in any way, either related to my training or otherwise, that I will consult a physician at once.

  7. I am aware of all inherent dangers in exercise participation. I acknowledge and understand I will be engaging in activities that involve risk of serious injury, including permanent disability or death and severe social and economic losses which might result not only from my own action, inaction or negligence, but action, inaction or negligence of others, or the condition of the premises on or off site or of any equipment used and further, that there may be other unknown risks not reasonably foreseeable at this time. I assume all these risks and expressly waive, release, discharge and agree not to sue FITFIRST for any loss, damage, death, disability, injury, or action of any kind for participating in this programme or any other activities organized by FITFIRST and I hereby indemnify and hold FITFIRST harmless against any claims by my dependents or other third parties whatsoever arising by reason of my death, disability or injury whilst participating in FITFIRST classes.

  8. I am aware that FITFIRST does not accept responsibility for any loss, theft and/or damage to vehicles and/or personal property left in vehicles or any other area at the location I am training at.

  9. I understand and accept that no refunds, whether in whole or in part, will be granted if I cannot attend the classes during my membership period. I have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions.

  10. I am aware that FITFIRST takes and uses photos of clients during classes on an ad hoc basis on their social media feeds and for marketing purposes. I agree that my photo may be taken during a class at any time at FITFIRST and used by FITFIRST in their social media feeds and for marketing purposes, unless I have expressly requested that such photos not be taken or used via email to info@fftraining.co.za. These photos remain the intellectual property of FITFIRST and I relinquish any and all claims to these photos.

  11. I agree that this constitutes the entire agreement between me and FITFIRST and I acknowledge that I conclude this Agreement of my own free will without force or coercion and not having been induced to do so by reason of any representations on the part of FITFIRST and any agreement to terminate this Agreement or to amend or vary it in any way, shall not be of any force or effect unless and until reduced to writing and signed by the relevant parties.

  12. Right of admission reserved.