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You're getting Stronger and Fitter each week

Well done to everyone who completed "The MagPie" last week Friday - if it was your maiden attempt or your second time around - you smashed it! 😎😎😎

This Friday is your LAST chance to improve your time for "The MagPie" - book your class now 😃😃😃

Fridays in Original are dedicated to measuring your fitness level! You need to complete the WOD ("Workout of The Day") as fast as you can, without compromising your form. Your time will be recorded so you can see how much stronger and fitter you're getting each week 🔥🔥🔥

Get excited for a brand new Fitness Test - "The Yellow Sparrow" - next week Friday 29/01

Check out our champions below, especially the improved times from the first attempt👏👏👏 :