You’re at rock bottom

These 4 things can change that:

If you feel like you’re the most unfit and overweight that you’ve ever been, this is for you.

1. Start walking

It’s free, it’s simple and it’s going to make you feel so much better. Even though you don’t want to, just walk. Try get 5000 steps, then 7000 steps, and the 10 000 steps a day.

Walking releases happy hormones so you’ll start feeling more positive soon.

2. Talk to someone

If you’re feeling unfit and overweight, you’re probably feeling down as well. Don’t bottle these feelings up.

You’re going through a lot – talk to someone who will listen to you and acknowledge where you’re coming from.

3. Start moving with other people

We’re designed to want to “belong to a tribe”.

If you’re in a dip, ask your friend/colleague/spouse to walk with you 3 times per week, or try exercise with other people. You’re more like to move more consistently when you’re moving with other people, instead of alone.

4. Have a “Cool Runnings” moment in the mirror

I want you to look in the mirror and repeat these words

“I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass mother who don't take no crap off of nobody!”

Watch this clip Cool Runnings: