Why do you exercise?

I used to train because I wanted to change how I looked. I wanted to look good & I really cared about what other people thought about my body. Today at 34 I do it because I want to feel good in my mind. I do it first and foremost for my mental health. I’m a better wife & parent when I exercise. I’m happier, more patient, less stressed & I feel more energised after exercise. I really notice a shift in myself when I stop exercising so I just try keep the momentum going all year round. Those are the things which draw me back to exercise everyday. The physical changes are a wonderful by product of my mental choices. That decision I have to make everyday to move my body or not. My diet is not perfect on all year round. I do have ups and downs, but I never stop exercising.

If you focus on the way exercise makes you feel & you keep coming back to that thought and feeling after you complete a workout then you will reach your goals. You will transform.

If you own your mind the body will follow. There really is no better feeling than feeling strong.