What does working out and recycling have in common?

I have a question for you:

Do you need to recycle everything, everyday, to feel like you’re successfully recycling?

I feel the answer is no – I don’t need to recycle everything, everyday, to feel like I’m successfully recycling?

I was cooking dinner the other night, and usually I make a big effort to throw paper and plastic in the recycling bin, because I want to recycle. But on this occasion, I just couldn’t – my little ones wanted my attention, I was rushed, my food was burning, so I threw the paper and the plastic in the organic bin.

Just because I didn’t manage to recycle in that instance, probably a few others as well, doesn’t mean I’m not recycling successfully.

As long as I’m recycling enough.

It’s not “all” or “nothing”.

And your training is exactly the same.

Just because you maybe don’t workout everyday, or you maybe don’t stick to your training program perfectly, doesn’t mean that you’re not working out successfully.

Our training, just like recycling, is not "all or nothing".

I want you to remember that. Because it makes it SO much easier to move past “bad training” weeks and keep working out consistently – because that where the results lie.