Tips to get active and to stay active

There’s no secret recipe to getting active or staying active – it comes down to you – you NEED to show up consistently.

Here are some DO’s and DON’Ts to help you show up:

1. Do something that you enjoy – if you hate going to gym, cancel your membership!

2. Do buy yourself new training gear – feeling excited about wearing something new is a great way to get moving!

3. Don’t be over-eager initially, start slowly, the results will come.

4. Do try walk 10 000 steps a day – if you cant workout, get your 10 000 steps – its better than nothing!

5. Do follow our Rule of 3 – 3 workouts per week, for 3 weeks, for 30 minutes each. This goal is doable and fun. And lays the foundation to staying active!

6. Don’t overtrain - workout for 30 minutes 3-5 times per week. This is sustainable.

7. Don’t start a new training routine AND change your diet at the same time – you’re setting yourself up for failure. First create a training routine that you enjoy and that is sustainable, then start making dietary changes.

8. Do go to bed earlier – a good nights rest does the world of good!

9. Do encourage a friend or partner to join you – an accountability partner helps you train more consistently.