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The Teba

We’ll call this one “The Teba”, in honour of our beautiful trainer, @itumeleng_teba 😍💪 enjoy this banging 20 minute workout at home, no equipment needed 🏋️‍♀️

Go for 40 seconds for each exercise with a 10 second rest between intervals. Repeat 3 sets with 40 seconds rest between sets. Include a dynamic warmup and stretches afterwards to cool down😎

1. Squat jumps toe touch: avoid bending your knees while reaching for your toes 🗣

2. Shoulder tap plank jacks: breakdown the movement first, start with normal jumping planks and then add shoulder taps once you’re comfortable✋

3. Squat jump heel taps: avoid landing with flat feet by pointing your toes downwards when jumping🦵🏿

4. Mountains climber taps:⛰break down the movement first and slow it down for perfect form.

5. Planking: keep your neck in a neutral position while activating your core.

6. Prisoner calf jumps: keep toes pointed downwards when jumping (Hands can either be on your side or behind your head)

7. Russian bicycle twists : control the movement and focus on your breathing😅😅😅