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“The Sanitizer”

As promised, we’ll be posting workouts for our clients (and followers) to enjoy at home 🏡 Let’s call this workout “The Sanitizer” (in light of us all washing our hands like a million times a day🤷‍♀️😂) It’s fast, and super effective! Here’s the down low:

50 seconds on, 10 seconds off, so you’re working on the minute. There are 6 intervals, repeat 4 sets with a minute rest between each set. Go balls to the walls and give it your best. Total workout time is 27 minutes, so you’ve got time, no matter how hectic today was!

1. Jump squats, hands behind your head (go with standard squats if you struggle with jump squats)

2. Side lunge with cross over side 1

3. Side lunge with cross over side 2

4. Planking Up Downs (remember to alternate your leading side)

5. Spider mountain climbers (Standard mountain climbers if these are a bit challenging, or if your abs on fire after 10 seconds, like mine felt today! 🤪😅)

6. Crunches with legs elevated (legs grounded if needed, remember if it’s not burning, your abs ain’t working!)