The 3 F’s of training

Form, Form, Form

When we film our new workouts, we complete each exercise with slow, controlled and perfect form. And boy, can I tell you something – just focussing on that makes such a difference to how hard we’re working.

It’s normal to want to workout faster when we’re training, especially in a 30 minute HIIT, but I want to encourage you to slow down during your next workout and focus on each rep and complete it as perfectly as you possibly can in your next workout. Don’t push for heavier weights or longer workouts if your form isn’t perfect – form first, add the rest later.

Pretend that you’re in front of the camera and each rep needs to be perfect!

This means no shortcuts – no bouncing, no bums up, no half-movements. I’m talking a full range of motion, with controlled movements, and a tight core –

Every. Single. Rep.

When you’re working out, your form is everything. You maximise your engagement with proper form, meaning that each exercise is more effective at making you stronger and fitter when done correctly than when done incorrectly. You also reduce the risk of injury when your form is right.

You’re going to be amazed like (literally gobsmacked), at what a difference this makes.