Stop comparing

It’s a tricky thing to find the balance between being inspired by those around you or to compare yourself to those around you.

For example, I follow plenty of fitness personalities and gyms on Insta. They inspire me – both personally in my training and also in my business. But sometimes I catch myself blurring the lines between “Linds, that’s great, lets learn from them, you can also do that” to a negative space where I’m like “Linds, you’re just never going to get there. They’re obviously just better than you”

Sound familiar?

Well I wanna remind you to actively guard yourself against comparing yourself to others – to how they train, how they look, how heavy they lift, how regularly they train…

Allow others to inspire you, but do not put yourself down because you’re not doing what there doing or looking how they look.

Run your own race, it’s perfect!