Have you ever started a new training routine, killed it for a few weeks, and then totally fallen off the wagon a few weeks later?

Yip – I know I have!

But why does this happen? Especially when you’re super motivated and super committed during those first few weeks?

It’s so simple, and it’s happened to me a thousand times before:

You over-did it.

You went too hard, too quickly.

Wanna know how to prevent this?

Start slowly…

because slow and steady,

wins the race.

Every single time.

This are our top 5 suggestions for anyone who hasn’t trained in a while and is starting a new training routine:

1. Finish your workouts feeling like you could have "done more"

2. Only workout for 30 minutes at a time, don’t workout for longer

3. Don’t change anything in your diet

4. Follow the Rule of 3: Workout 3 times per week, for 30 minutes each, for 3 weeks.

See more about this HERE

5. Workout on consecutive days, with a rest day between your final workout for the week

For example:

Monday - Workout

Tuesday - Workout

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Workout

Friday - Rest

This might sound "lame" or not hardcore like other training programs that you see on Instagram.

But it’s the opposite – it's easy to start something and not finish it.

It's tough to start something, be consistent with it and then gradually improve on it.

Follow this advise for the first 3 weeks, and this is what can look forward to:

1. You’re going to train consistently, without falling off the wagon

2. You’re going to feel good, without feeling “broken” after each workout.

3. You’re going to look forward to your training because it’s doable

4. You’ll be ready to start increasing the intensity of your workouts, and the frequency of your workouts, from week 4

5. Plus, you’re reducing your stiffness and the risk of injury