We’ve rebranded our studios because we want our workouts to serve your training needs in the best way possible.

While our previous workout setup in Combo, Original and Strong were great, our rebranded studios serve your training needs far better because we’ve changed the intensity and complexity of the exercises in each studio, instead of keeping all our workouts at the same intensity and complexity, make sense?

Remember our coaches are here to guide you and give you an easier version or more difficult version of an exercise if needed.


This is where you'll master the Essentials, or basics, of your training.

Workouts are a low impact and low intensity.

They’re slower, with shorter time intervals, so you can really focus on your form.

These workouts are essential for improving your form and building a solid base.


This is your Daily Dose of HIIT.

These workouts are high intensity. They’re fast, functional and dynamic.

A base fitness level is recommended for these workouts.

A variety of equipment is used, including dumbbells, steps, medicine balls, boxing bags, rebounders and skipping ropes.

Daily is your EveryDay Go-To to get strong and fit.


“Strong” is the destination.

Workouts are 45 minutes long.

They’re high intensity, including weight training and advanced functional exercises.

A good fitness level is recommended for these workouts.

Strong workouts will push your training to the next level.

Essential, Daily and Strong give you the opportunity to progress in your training, and also to mix up the intensity at which you are training.

You are still encouraged to move between the studios as you wish, you are not limited to any one studio, and your membership still includes unlimited classes.

We’ve included core exercises in each workout and removed the core specific classes, this means that everyday is Core Day.

Your coaches are still in studio to offer more advanced exercises or to scale down an exercise if you need.