Planning on working out this Dec holiday? This is what you need to do!

1. Train in the morning – then its done and dusted, the rest of the day is yours.

2. Train outside – enjoy our lekker summer weather, get your Vit D and a tan! Remember sunblock…

3. Pack your skipping rope – it’s the best piece of equipment to travel with. It takes less space than a jersey in your bag, and you can use it anywhere!

4. Music Music Music – it’s a vibe! Download or stream a lekker playlist while you workout.

5. Exercise for 50 seconds, rest for 10 – it’s simple because you’re working on the minute.

6. Keep your workout short, 15 – 30 minutes is perfect!

7. Get the family or pets involved (this either works beautifully, or is a total fail – tag us on Insta with your “family workout”…)

Happy training!