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Mandela Day Initiative 2019 - collections for new beginnings

💙In the spirit of Mandela Day, we collected items for New Beginnings - they are an organisation helping abandoned and orphaned children and babies 💙

Since becoming a mama, I realized just how dependent babies are on us - they are totally and entirely helpless without our love and care 💙 So many little ones don’t have a fraction of what we give our kiddies, so we decided to rally the troops and collect donated clothes, food, blankets, toys and nappies for these little ones 😍😍😍

We were overwhelmed with the response we received, we truly have an amazing FitFirst community, and extended family!

Chantelle and I delivered the items on Friday 26 July - we struggled to fit everything into the car! It was such a special moment meeting these "house moms" who care for these kids. As Chantelle correctly said, it was "a defining moment" for her.

We will arrange another collection drive in a few months - please donate any new or used clothes/toys/bottles/blankets from home, it will mean SO MUCH to these little ones! Baby food (purity, cereal), formula and tinned food will also be greatly appreciated! 🙏🙏