Losing weight should be the last reason you exercise

Try these instead

Working out to lose weight is a self destructive, short term motive that often does more damage than good.

Social media makes exercise all about losing weight and looking a certain way? Exercise to get a six pack and downsize your pants, right?

What if you entirely severed the connection between exercise and what you looked like? What if I told you that exercise has no impact on how you look?

While that’s not true – exercise can help you lose weight, I need to make a point.

We obsess over exercising to lose weight, so we miss out on the critical, far more valuable reasons to exercise.

This is 100% true in my training journey - as soon as I stopped obsessing about how I looked and what I weighed, I actually started seeing the physical results that I used to obsess over. And the best part was that I actually felt a sense of confidence and self appreciation that I’d never had before. This is because my reasons for training we so much deeper than “weight loss”.

I want you to think about something you’re struggling with – other than your weight.

For example, I’m struggling to:

  • Have patience with my kids

  • Focus on a complicated work document

  • Communicate constructively with my partner

  • Unwind when I get home from work

  • Manage my stress because of tight finances

  • Find the energy to play with my kids

  • Feel positive and motivated to do anything

Exercising can be the catalyst – or magic bean – that helps you manage these struggles better. Exercise wont make these struggles disappear – your kids are still going to try drive you crazy - but you’ll be able to deal with them far better.


Because when you move your body releases hormones and chemicals in our brains that are designed to help us cope and feel better. It’s that simple.

If you’re exercising to lose weight, please change your motive. Exercise for something deeper and more meaningful to you. The results will surprise you.