How to make sure you get “into shape” in 2022

New year, new you right?!


It’s the same you – you don’t need to re-invent yourself.

Ditch the huge lifechanging new years resolutions and the exercise challenges – you’re setting yourself up for failure (I’m speaking from personal experience when I say this).

You WILL get into shape in 2022 if you follow these 4 tips:

1. The Rule Of 3: Workout 3 Times Per Week, For 30 Minutes Each, For 3 Weeks

This creates an achievable goal that you will accomplish… and you’ll feel great about it too!

2. Do NOT Make Any Diet Changes During The First 3 Weeks

I know it’s tempting to throw away all the carbs and sugar in your house because you want to “get fit and healthy”, but let’s get One Thing Right At A Time.

Once you’ve established your training routine (and actually started enjoying it and feeling fitter and strong) it’s going to be so much easier to start eating better.

Remember – no diet changes means not eating more either…

3. Show Up for 5 Minutes

If you want to skip a workout because you’re feeling tired, get changed into your active wear and workout – but only for 5 minutes.

9/10 times, you’ll realise within those 5 minutes that you’re actually not as tired as you thought you were and you’re already feeling better because you’re moving.

If after 5 minutes, you still feel like you want to call it quits, that’s no problem - you probably need to rest and that’s ok.

This 5 Minute Approach helps you learn the difference between needing physical rest or pushing through a lazy mindset - I feel so super chuffed after finishing a workout that I almost didn’t do because I “felt tired”.

4. Buy Yourself New Training Gear

Having a new vest or pair of shoes makes you feel good about your new commitment! Just one or two new items can give you the confidence boost you need – go spoil yourself, you deserve it.