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How to get back into your training routine after a break

We've all been there - we were in a great training routine, booking and attending our classes, and kicking ass. And then, we miss one week of training because we had to travel for work, and then we miss another week because the kids got sick, and then another week because we got sick, and then another week, well, just because... and all of a sudden, it's a month later and we haven't trained once 😳😳😳

This has happened to me so many times, and I used to let it be a real downer 😞😞😞 I'd feel so disappointed with myself for letting my training slip like that, like going from "hero to zero". I felt like all the progress I made was lost and that my health and fitness goals were like a tiny, almost invisible, speck in the distance that I would never reach.

Until I realised that it's OK. Seriously Lindsay Ann (yes that's my second name). It's not the end of the world that I missed a month of training. And it doesn't mean that all my progress is lost.

It's almost impossible to stick to your routine perfectly when you've got work responsibilities, family responsibilities and then basic life-survival in between! It's important not to let these breaks in your routine define your destination or derail your progress.


So what if I missed a month of training?! What is important is that I needed that time for whatever it was that kept me from training, whether it was for work or family responsibilities, or even if it was to chill at home and Netflix while smashing prawn cocktail chips from woolies... (not me, a friend of course 😉😉😉) I obviously needed that time to unwind and chill my jets, and that's OK ✅✅✅

Don't make these dips bigger than what they are - IT WAS A SIMPLE BREAK... And avoid the self loathing, guilt trips and disappointment in yourself for skipping a few classes, it definitely doesn't impress anyone and it doesn't help you move forward in anyway. Remember the bigger picture and what your goals are 🌍🌍🌍

These are some helpful tips that I use to get my momentum back after a dip:

1. Remind yourself of a specific workout where you felt awesome - like really, really awesome 😎😎😎. Make achieving THAT FEELING your goal. You'll be surprised at how powerful this is 💪💪💪

2. If you book a class, JUST GO, even if you only do one set or just stretch and skinner with the trainers 😂😂😂 It's better than canceling your class and feeling disappointed in yourself for not going. This will also reinforce booking and attending 👍👍👍

3. Remind yourself that your workout is ONLY 30 MINUTES. It's SO doable and will be over before you know it. It's not like it's a 2 hour cycling session or a 90 minute bootcamp - it's only 1800 mississippis...

4. Buy yourself new training kit... 😍😍😍A new pair of trainers or tights can often give you the boost that you need to get your sweat back on... It doesn't have to be expensive, it just needs to make you feel like you've got your game back 👏👏👏

5. Train with a friend or your partner/hubby/wife. If you've committed to make the same class, then you'll be less inclined to cancel. Plus you get to spend time with someone you (hopefully) like 😅😅😅

6. Get over your dip and focus on the new season. You're not a professional athlete, it's really not as bad as it seems, so get over the fact that you skipped gym for over a month (or more) and get back on the horse 👏👏👏