How long should you be working out for?

If your goals are to Feel Happier, Get Fit and Lose Body Fat - then you should be working out for 30 minutes, 4 to 5 times per week.

Here's 7 reasons why:

1. 30 minutes is Doable – you can immediately believe in yourself and back yourself – this is so important – a positive and confident mindset is everything.

4. 30 minutes is Consistently Achievable – results come when you are training consistently. Because 30 minutes is so doable, it’s doable consistently.

2. 30 minutes is Short Enough to really push yourself to the max and focus on executing each movement as perfectly as you possibly can – “I’m only here for 30 minutes, I need to make each rep count.”

3. 30 minutes is Long Enough to finish a solid and powerful workout and burn significant calories – only if your workout is designed well, with controlled rest intervals.

5. 30 minutes is Not Intimidating. So when motivation levels are low, it’s easier to encourage yourself to work out for 30 minutes – because it’s only 30 minutes.

6. 30 minutes is the Most Beneficial time to work out for.

You make the most gains within the first 30 minutes of working out.

Studies have shown that after about 30 minutes, your body’s ability to respond to exercise begins to decrease, regardless of how long you continue to work out. While elite athletes still benefit from an hour or more of exercise, 30 minutes is more than enough to feel good, get fit and lose unwanted body fat.

7. 30 minutes is Convenient enough to fit into your busy lifestyle and become part of your daily routine. So there’s fewer excuses for skipping your training because you “don’t have time” - you actually do have enough time.

While working out for longer is awesome and shows stamina and commitment, don’t fool yourself – a longer workout isn’t necessarily more intense or better for you.

Let’s train smarter, let’s focus on quality over quantity, let’s be more actively present in each workout 💪