Grateful for the ability to move

Try to appreciate your body today for its abilities, stop for a second and say jinne, I’m grateful I have two legs that can walk and run and squat – even if they’re a bit wobbly, I really appreciate them!

Even if your body doesn’t look the way that you want it to or perform as well as you wished it did – you can still move! In other words, you have the ability to move, unrestricted, unencumbered, free - and that in itself is something worth celebrating!

I struggled to train during my pregnancies because it was really frustrating for me to train at such a low intensity – I love a short, intense workout! Because of this limitation while pregnant, I developed a real appreciation for my body’s unrestricted ability to move and sweat 😊.

It’s a blessing to be able to bend and stretch and lift and pull and jump!