Get The Most From Your Trial Classes

Our top #6 recommendations:

1. Book All 3 Classes At Once

Book your 3 classes for the week ahead. This sets healthy boundaries for "me time".

Remember, you can always cancel your booking if you can’t make it because of a last minute emergency…

2. Attend Your 3 Trial Classes In The Same Week

You’ll see if our classes fit into your weekly schedule before deciding to join us.

3. Book 2 Consecutive Classes, then take a Rest Day...

Try book your first 2 classes on consecutive days, then take a rest day before booking your third class for the week.

For example Mon, Tues and Thurs. This will help with your stiffness! 😅

4. Arrive 5 Minutes Early

Meet your friendly coach before your class starts.

Let them know about any injuries you have, they're there to help you exercise!

5. If you're Unfit, Book an Essential Class

Our Essential studio is the perfect place for you to start moving. Workouts are slower and won't leave you feeling so stiff that you cant walk for the rest of the week.

Here's the difference between our 3 studios:

Essential Studio: ✅Slower workouts - low impact & low intensity. ✅Get the basics of your training right. Daily Studio: ✅High intensity, fast and functional workouts. ✅Your Daily Go-To to get strong and fit. Strong Studio: ✅The next level. ✅Intense workouts, advanced exercises

6. Unsure what class to book?

WhatsApp me and I'll recommend what class is best for you!