8 Toxic thoughts

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Stop thinking that:

1. “I just cant do it”

Exercise is voluntary and unessential, and therefore goes against your natural instinct as a human. It’s not meant to be easy to get up and go exercise. Our ancestors didn’t randomly go for a jog or do some squats, their days were physically demanding enough. Our days are the opposite. And we need to exercise. But it’s damn difficult at times.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you feel like you just cant do it, you just need to connect it with a reason meaningful enough to you.

2. “Exercise is all or nothing”

Often it’s “a few, and then some more”. You can train a little and still be getting fitter. Some weeks getting your 10 000 steps each day is enough exercise, other weeks doing 5 FitFirst classes is exercise. Start moving a little, then move more over time.

3. “I’ll look like an idiot - everyone at the gym knows what they’re doing”

The “intimidating guy or girl” didn’t always know what they were doing – they were also where you are right now – feeling unsure, unconfident and unfit. Look at where they are now – you can also be “that guy or girl”

4. “I’m so overweight and so unfit”

Even if you are overweight and really unfit, telling yourself this doesn’t always motivate you to move. In fact, it often has the opposite effect – breaking you down, leaving you feeling down. Am I right?

5. “I really hate exercise”

While you’re not going to enjoy every single workout, the type of exercise and environment that you’re training in should be enjoyable for you. If you’re hating your exercise, find something new. Try another gym, try an online program from home, join a running club – you have so many options.

Find something that you enjoy most of the time.

6. “I’m going to eat healthier when I start training”

Don’t start both at the same time – you’re setting yourself up for failure. Rather say “I’m going to eat the same when I start training”. First start training consistently, then start eating healthier.

7. “People who exercise have six-packs and do hardcore workouts”

Change the image in your mind of “being fit”. Social media has brainwashed you to believe that being fit and healthy looks like this:

This is intimidating and false.

Being fit and healthy looks like this too...

This is do-able and more accurate.

8. “I don’t have time to exercise”

You have a hectic schedule with little time to exercise. But this doesn’t mean that have no time to exercise – it just means that you have less time than you would like.

“Time” is how you justify why you’re not exercising when the actual reason is that it’s just damn hard to exercise right now because it goes against your natural instinct. You’re going to have to manage your time and create new boundaries.

You’re already so busy so must be good at managing your time – now schedule 30 minutes of “me-time” to train. Start with 3 times a week and see how great you feel.

Which of mistakes are you making??

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