NB: Read point 5 💪

1️⃣Book ahead for the week

  • spend 5 min on the weekend booking your classes for the following week

  • you can book a class up to 7 days in advance

  • and anytime before a class starts for last minute changes

2️⃣Cancel your booking if you can't make it

  • you can cancel up to 1 hour before the class starts

  • if you don't cancel, you'll be a no show😞😞😞

3️⃣Book on the waiting list

  • You'll get an email and an app message 1 hour before the class starts is space opens up

  • Make sure your App notifications are turned ON. This is how:

On your app, go to SETTINGS


Select ALL

(you can deselect this at any time)

4️⃣Try book the same days and times each week

  • For example: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 16:20.

  • You're more likely to train consistently when you're in a routine.

  • Remember, you have the flexibility to change this if you need

5️⃣"Under-book" for the week

  • Decide on the minimum number of times you want to workout each week and book those

  • For example - your "minimum target" is twice per week. Book those 2 classes and make sure you get to them.

  • Reaching your "minimum target" leaves you feeling positive and in-control

  • You can always book "extra" workouts

6️⃣Don't "overbook"

  • Avoid overbooking your classes and not getting to them.

  • This leaves you feeling like you've failed ☹️

  • Rather "under-book" your classes using your minimum target:

✅achieve your target

✅feel accomplished 🙂

  • This positively reinforces your commitment to your training

  • Overbooking creates a negative perception about your ability to get to your training

7️⃣Just arrive 😲

  • If you're on the waiting list, and you haven't received a notification that space has opened up - take a chance and arrive anyway.

  • Just because a class is fully booked doesn't mean it's always fully attended, because life happens for all of us🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️.

  • So just pitch. Hopefully there's a space in the class you wanted to book because someone didn't rock up, and if not, there will be a space in the other 2 studios - so you will get your workout in and that's the most important thing.

  • Always try book your classes first though