8 tips to get your workouts booked...

Let's make sure you get your workouts booked... and more importantly, done!

1️⃣Book your classes ahead of time - you can book anytime before a class starts and up to 7 days in advance.

2️⃣Make sure that you cancel your booking if you can't make it - you can cancel up to 1 hour before the class starts (if you don't cancel at least 1 hour before, you'll be a no show😞😞😞)

3️⃣If you think you might not make it, cancel anyway, you can always rebook anytime before the class starts (see point 6️⃣... take a chance😏)

4️⃣If a class is full, book your space on the waiting list. If a space opens up, you'll get a notification (via email and your app) 1 hour before the class starts so that you have enough time to get here. Make sure your App notifications are turned ON, see How To

Switch App Notifications On at the bottom***.

5️⃣If you're on the waiting list, and you haven't received a notification that space has opened up - arrive anyway😲.

6️⃣Just because a class is fully booked doesn't mean it's always fully attended, because life happens for all of us🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️.

So just pitch. Hopefully there's a space in the class you wanted to book because someone didn't rock up, and if not, there will be a space in the other 2 studios - so you will get your workout in and that's the most important thing.

(please always first try book your classes - "pitching" is a temporary solution while we figure out a b

etter system)

7️⃣If all the classes are fully attended, and you've just pitched, we'll give you our top secret ❗❗❗Parking Lot Workout❗❗❗- so you'll still do a great workout 💪

We won't squeeze more clients into a studio and compromise our Covid safety protocols.

I really hope this helps you?

Thank you for booking and cancelling your classes in time for others to make it.

***How To Switch App Notifications On

On your app, go to SETTINGS


Select ALL

(you can deselect this at any time)

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