6 mistakes to avoid when choosing a gym

Number 5 is really important😯

Choosing the right gym is a big decision.
No matter how great the workouts are,
if the gym isn't a good fit for you,
you probably won't go

Whether you choose to train with us, or somewhere else, these are the 6 things you need to consider:

1. Location

It must be convenient for you to get to gym - the gym must be close to where you live, on route to work or to your kids school. If it's out of the way, you're probably not going to go, because it's simply too far.

2. Culture

You've got to gel with the culture of the gym. Is the gym a "die-hard, no-pain-no-gain" kinda place or is there a culture of acceptance, kindness and positive reinforcement? You need to decide what culture fits your personality best.

3. Times

Is the gym open at times that suit your schedule? If the class times or operating hours aren't convenient for you, you probably wont get there consistently.

4. Environment

Do you love training to loud music? Do you prefer training outdoors? Do you like training in a group or alone? If the environment at the gym isn't something you like, you're getting into the wrong relationship.

5. Community

Do you like the other people at the gym? Are they friendly? Do get along with the coaches? These people will become your training community and it's important that you like them (well most of them anyway )

6. Budget

The gym must be affordable enough for you to stick to it long term. It's not a good idea to sign up for something that's outside of your price range and end up cancelling your membership due to tight finances. It's a long term commitment that should suit your pocket.

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