4 tips to make your workouts more effective, without making them longer.

Want to make our workout more effective, without making them longer?

Try these 5 tips:

1. Increase your range of motion

2. Maintain good form, especially when you start getting tired

3. Change the angle of the movement/ exercise

4. Slow the movement down – this will help maintain good form also

5. Make the exercise more explosive

These small changes can make a HUGE difference in how challenging an exercise can be.

For example, make your mountain climbers more challenging:

Increase your range of motion – bring your knees all the way up to meet your elbows

Make sure your shoulders are directly over your hands, your abs are tight and your bum is down – as we get tired, we tend to move our shoulders backwards, lifting our bum a bit - making the exercise more easy.

Change your angle – bring your knees up outside your elbows, tuck them across under your body, your abs will definitely feel this burn!

Slow it down – bring your knees up to meet your elbow, hold it there for 2 seconds, and bring it slowly back down

Make your mountain climbers more explosive by running them

Same exercise, same workout length, but WAY more challenging!

Try this the next time you’re doing mountain climbers and tag us on Instagram.