• FitFirst Training

20 minute workout - no equipment needed, full body😅

It's that time of year - crunch time. And getting to everything is a tall-order! 😅😅😅

We're here to help with a quick, bodyweight workout that you can do at home in only 20 minutes!

6 exercises, 50 seconds on the clock, 10 seconds rest between each exercise🙌🙌🙌 Complete 3 sets with a 30 second rest between each set. 1️⃣planking jumps 2️⃣squat and jump squat combo 3️⃣upward bridge squeezes 4️⃣squat and lunge combo 5️⃣supermans 6️⃣traveling lunges


✅ Any workout is better than no workout - even if it's a blah workout!

✅ Consistency is key. Be CONSISTENT in working out, even if your workouts aren't always 100%, it's more important that you stay committed to your training routine than insist on training at a certain level.

✅ Find a routine that works for you. It becomes so much easier to stick to your classes/workouts once you're in a routine!

✅ Once your routine is consistent, your intensity will become more consistent.

✅ Don't beat yourself up on for missing a workout, rather use it as motivation to add an extra set in your next workout.

✅ Focus with HOW GOOD YOU FELT AFTER your workout and remember this!