Are you sick of BORING workouts?
 But you know that you simply need to exercise...

 And want results that make you feel good about yourself…
and make your friends go

“wow, you look amazing!”
Well, here’s the deal:
 You shouldn’t have to workout for hours only to see dismal results.
Nor should every training session feel like a punishment…
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And that’s where we can help you far better than anyone else...
We make training easy, fun and effective at our Studio in Maroelana, Pretoria…
We guarantee that you will enjoy working out more than ever before.

Our classes are only 30 minutes!
They're doable and convenient enough to actually fit into your schedule and become part of your daily routine, but long enough to give you the results you've always wanted.
For just a minute, imagine this:
- You actually enjoy working out and look forward to it.
- You feel great about yourself!
- You're fitter and stronger than ever before.
- Your friends say, "wow, you look amazing!"
Lindsay - FitFirst Founder
We can help you achieve exactly what you've just imagined!
Our 30 minute classes are perfect for men and women - whether you're super fit, or super unfit!
Because our classes are time based, you can push yourself according to your fitness level!
We want you to work out as frequently as you wish, so all our memberships include UNLIMITED CLASSES.


But that's not all!

You don't ever have battle through a class that don't actually want to do - because you have a choice between 3 different classes everyday in our 3 studios (on the same premises). 

You can enjoy boxing, weight training, cardio, functional body weight training, core workouts and more... 
Take a quick tour of all 3 studios with our founder, Lindsay Harris.…
We know you've probably heard this all before...
So try out our classes before signing up for a membership,
and experience, for yourself, what we're talking about.

PLUS there's ZERO Registration Fee Payable when signing up after completing your Trial Classes (normally R400)

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Download our "Trial Class FAQ Guide" to answer any questions you might have regarding your trial classes. 
PLUS, download “Get the Most out of your Trial Classes” for our #4 Top Recommendations.

After you complete (and love) your trial classes, you will be 100% ready to sign up for one of our 3 Membership options… and start the amazing journey of getting into and staying in the best shape of your life.



Meet Your super awesome, always friendly Trainers, Coach Nic and Coach Shani.

Please leave your contact details and we'll send more info on how to book your x3 trial classes.
We'll also get in touch to chat about your specific goals.
We can't wait to meet you! Let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help!
Lindsay and The FitFirst Team
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