What membership options does FitFirst offer?

We offer 3, 6, 12 and 24 month membership terms. All our memberships include unlimited classes in our three Boutique studio rooms - Original, Strong & Combo. We don’t ever want to limit our clients in how many classes they attend - because the more our clients train, the better they look, the better they feel and the better our business does.

What does a membership cost?

Check out our rates here.

How can I pay?

You have the option to pay via monthly debit order or upfront in full via cash, EFT, zapper, snapscan or card machine.

You receive 10% discount off your membership fee for full payment upfront.

We do not accept monthly EFTs or scheduled payments. Unfortunately, we end of chasing after payments and struggle with clients who do not to honour their membership contracts.

What equipment do I need to buy?

All equipment is provided – we just need you to arrive, the rest is in our hands!

The only items we recommend purchasing are boxing gloves for hygiene purposes and a skipping rope as this is dependent on your height. These are available to purchase at our studio:

  • Standard PVC rope (perfect for beginners)
  • Speed rope Standard (for advanced skippers)
  • Speed rope Deluxe (for advanced skippers)
  • Quick wraps/Mexican wraps
  • 100% leather gloves
  • PU/Bonded leather gloves

Are there any other costs involved?

We do not believe in "hidden costs" – what you see, is what you get.

All new joiners pay a once off registration fee of R400pp. This fee will not be payable again if you wish to renew your membership within 1 year (12 months) after the expiration/termination date of your previous membership term.

E.g. if your membership expires/terminates at the end of March, and you choose to renew your membership in September of the same year, no registration fee is payable again. However, if you renew in June of the following year, the registration fee will be payable again.

Can I pop in for a test/demo class or to look around?

Yes, we encourage all interested clients to join us for a trial class to better understand our training methodology and setup. You can join us 3 x trial classes for R350.

Simply register online and we’ll send you an invoice for payment via EFT. Once POP is received, we will activate your profile so that you can book your trial classes online. Your trial classes must be used within 1 month of purchase.

I am so unfit, is there a fitness requirement? Or is there an age limit/restriction?

Our classes are time based and cater for all fitness levels - from super-fit triathletes to clients who are just starting their health and fitness journey (again).

For example, if you can complete 20 squats in a 30 second time interval because you’re fit, and I can only complete 5 squats in the same time interval because I haven’t trained in years, we can both participate in the same workout and push ourselves according to our own fitness level and abilities. By not following a repetition-based training approach (where the number of repetitions is prescribed in a class), all fitness levels can enjoy the same class – our youngest clients are still in school while our oldest client is 73 years old.

How does your studio work/what is a smart studio?

We follow a smart studio approach where workouts are displayed on big screens in the studio. This allows our trainers to focus on giving you the personal attention you deserve, at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer.

Instead of having your trainer in front of the class demonstrating the exercises, while trying to motivate you, correct your form and offer alternative exercises of needed, we’ve adopted a “smarter” approach by combining technology and the need for personal attention where you get the most out of your workout.

The onscreen instruction manages the demonstration of the exercises and structure of the workout in terms of current interval and upcoming interval etc so that your trainer can focus on you, making sure you’re performing each exercise correctly.

Is there an age limit?

Our youngest clients are at school and our oldest client is 74! So, there is no age limit. Because we follow a time-based training approach, all ages and fitness levels can enjoy our classes. And because of our smart studio approach, our trainers are “hands on” and have the capacity during each class to assist all clients.

Is FitFirst for men or only women?

We started as a “women only gym” but quickly realised that guys always wanted in… So we adapted our programs and classes to cater for men and women. Our classes accommodate everyone, and no workouts are specifically targeted at any one gender. With the wide variety in our classes, we cover the “glory muscles” in our chest and bicep classes in FF Strong, to thigh sculpting and core strengthening classes in FF Original, to intense Power Boxing classes in FF Combo – so there is something for everyone.

How many different classes does FitFirst you offer?

Each studio room (Strong, Original and Combo) follows its own unique class schedule, with different classes for each day of the week, with a 6-week rollover. So you enjoy plenty of variety and never get bored!

You have a choice between 3 different workouts at the same time each day – so you can book your class depending on your mood.

Want to hit something that doesn’t hit back, book a boxing class in our Combo Studio…

Want to lift some iron – book a class in our Strong Studio…

Want a functional, cardio intensive workout – book a class in our Original Studio...

How many classes can I attend?

All our memberships include unlimited classes in our three studio rooms - Original, Strong & Combo. We don’t ever want to limit you in how many classes you can attend - because the more you train, the better you feel, the better you look and the better our business does.

What times are your classes?

We offer morning, afternoon and evening classes. Classes are all 30 minutes from start to finish, with a 5 min gap between classes for entry and exit of clients. We offer over 40 classes daily between our Strong, Original and Combo studio rooms.

You can book and manage your classes according to your schedule. Need to train early on Monday to get to Jhb for a meeting, or late on Tuesday – simply book your classes online. You have total flexibility in booking your classes and are not limited to a time slot or studio.

I need to cancel my contract, what are the costs involved and what do you need from me?

As per our terms and conditions, in the event that you wish to terminate your membership prematurely, one month’s notice is required. The cancellation penalty for early termination of a membership is calculated as 60% of your remaining membership fees. This will be due and payable on the first of the month following the cancellation notice.