Realise that it's ok

to be where you are


You've had a season with lots going on. It's been difficult to exercise. And that's ok.

Stop guilting yourself...

It's meant to be hard to exercise – it goes against your natural instinct to get up and go do voluntary exercise.


Our ancestors didn’t randomly go for a jog or do some squats, their days were physically demanding enough.


Our days are the opposite. And we need to exercise. But it can be damn difficult.

Realise that you

NEED to move 

It’s not recommended, it’s essential.


Our lives are so stationary and void of movement that we need to actually set time aside to move. 

Why is this so important to move? 

Our bodies were designed to be physically active to survive. But modern lifestyle has removed day-to-day physical activity almost entirely.

If you don't move, this is what you're risking

While moving doesn’t guarantee that you wont ever get sick or feel depressed, not moving guarantees the increased likelihood of these risks.


If you move, your body – physically, mentally and emotionally - will be in a far strong position to fight. 

Exercise can be the catalyst that brings so much positive change to your life – and I'm not talking about weight loss.